Update #1
Anchor Weight

There’s a myth in the MAN stratosphere right now that has polluted so many thought processes and derailed so many peoples goals that I’ve GOT to say something!!!

This myth has been the source for more unrealized dreams than a late night Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey telethon!!!

It’s the misguided notion and myth that Bigger is Better!!!

What I’m saying is that putting on the WRONG weight is a bad idea.
Now, before you start wigging out on me, I’m not telling you that you’re goal of gaining weight is a BAD idea.
But, if you’re goal is to Get Jacked, do you REALLY mean to tell me that you think putting on 5 pounds of muscle at the cost of adding 10 lbs. of fat is gonna get the ladies all hot and bothered for you?


You know what that weight does?

It holds you back. It keeps you from attaining the desired look you are going for (unless you REALLY want to look like a chub). It’s what I call “anchor weight”.

And whether your goal is to Get Jacked or Get Ripped, it can quickly derail your progress when marching down the field!!!

Let’s say your goal is to Get Ripped.

Well, if that’s your goal, is it suffice to say that RIGHT NOW you are NOT where you want to be because of that extra body fat on you?

If that’s the case, then guess what?

It’s dragging you down! GET RID OF IT!!!

Maybe you’re looking to Get Jacked. You might think “I’m trying to eat as many calories as possible to put on as much weight as possible”.

Let me tell you what, if that’s what you think will give you that Jacked and athletic look, then think again.

That extra weight does absolutely NOTHING for your performance! And as far as your pool or beach sessions go?

Well, you better have a good personality to override your lack of SWOLE!!!

On the note of performance, lets say you are an athlete. Many coaches want bigger, stronger, faster guys on their team. And for good reason!

All talent held constant, the bigger, stronger, faster athlete always wins (and thus takes home the prom queen!!!).

Well, what do you think happens to your speed, vertical, and maneuverability when you have a ton of anchor weight on that body of yours?

I’ll tell you what. It holds you back!!!!

Do yourself this favor.

When monitoring your results as they compare to your goals, make sure that you acknowledge and adopt the understanding that there is a HUGE difference between gaining weight, and gaining muscle.

If gaining “anchor weight” is what you want to do, just ask the guy eating his life away at the end of the buffet line what he’s done to attain all of his “success”

…But if you’re looking to gain the type of weight that lends its hands to you achieving the life of a BADASS, then start thinking about QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!

Stay Strong and Stay SWOLE!!!