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Sick of those pesky plateaus that keep you from building the size or strength that you’re working your ass off for?

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting pinned by the same weight over and over again. By using these special “Bench Press Cheat Codes” you’ll discover the simple steps you can take to immediately fly by these old sticking points and even build stacks of rock hard muscle in your chest, shoulders, and triceps at the same time!

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The coolest thing about these “Cheat Codes” is that they won’t make you magically stronger, but simply allow you to lift at your “true strength potential”. When you use them for the first time, they’ll instantly put on an extra 20-35 lbs. to your bench that has been trapped inside you the entire time you’ve been lifting.

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After unlocking the first wave of “hidden weight” that you’ll be able to lift, the next is all about using the specialized “Cheat Code” exercises that match up with your specific sticking points. This is how you’ll immediately patch up the holes in your bench program so that you can continue to build a bigger more dominant bench, all while receiving bonus gains in the size and density of your chest, shoulders, and arms too!