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Here’s What You’re Getting:

The Swole System
  • Training Manual packed with ALL of my secret methods that GUARANTEE results
  • 12 Week Transformation Course (the “Badass Builder”)
  • Video Coaching Vault with ALL of my form coaching and methodology tutorials
  • Much More!!!

The Meathead Meal Plan

  • The done for you nutritional plan that’s helped COUNTLESS meatheads just like you get that desirable JACKEDRIPPED, and ATHLETIC physique…
  • The simple Supplement guide I’ve used to expedite all of my SWOLEdiers results
  • You’ll get to learn ALL of the food combinations that get you FAST RESULTS for YOUR specific goals

Get Ripped With Finishers
  • My top 15 Fat Burning Finishers that are going to get you the RIPPED physique that drops panties FAST!!!
  • Video footage of each Finisher in action at the famous “MAN Cave”
  • 5 BONUS “Hardcore Finishers” that will test every fiber of your MANhood and Testicular Fortitude, while guiding you to a body that DEMANDS respect

Suns Out Guns Out

  • 10 Simple to FollowFast, and Effective Training Routines
  • The training secrets that deliver you inches on your arms…FAST!!!
  • You’ll learn EXACTLY how to incorporate these badass routines into your existing routine
  • I’ll teach you my “12 Principles for Bigger Gun’s”, and how when you follow them you’ll get results that are going to freak you out!!!

Barrel Chested Badass

  • 17 Chest Building & Sculpting routines that deliver FAST results
  • The “Better Form For A Bigger Bench” video tutorial that I deliver at every one of my training certifications
  • Our “Progress With Percentages” training system that takes ALL of the guess work out of your program and GUARANTEES results

Brick Shit House Training

  • I’m going to hook you up with ALL of the training secrets that allow my training clients to get ripped to shreds in seemingly NO TIME FLAT
  • You’ll discover why your current fat burning routine not only isn’t working, but is actually KEEPING YOU from getting the ripped athletic physique that dominates the field AND the babes
  • I’m going to teach you the TRUTH about your bodies metabolism, and how you can manipulate it into transforming your body into EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT

Bench Like A BADASS

  • Comprehensive, “Done For You” 12 Week Program that has helped COUNTLESS people crunch their old records…
  • My in depth “Better Form For A Bigger Bench” coaching video that can increase your bench by 15% in only ONE Day!!!
  • List of EVERY supplemental & accessory lift that will address all of your weak points…


In just 12 weeks, you can be THE baddest mutherfucker you know.

Bigger. Stronger. More explosive. More powerful. Confident as hell.

No matter where you are right now, it’s possible for you to go through a nearly complete MANamoprhosis in just 12 weeks.

Each week, you’ll progress through simple yet deceptively effective methods and stages that transform you more rapidly than anything else you could possibly do.

Bodyweight Badass

Gain Weight and Get Ripped FAST with this Badass Bodyweight Training System

Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • Bodyweight Training Manual – The fact is, regardless of whether your goal is to increase size, strength, stamina, power or decrease body fat, there is no substitute for bodyweight training.
  • Implementation Action Plan – The first thing you can expect is a challenge! But when you embrace the challenges that this type of training demands, and rise above it, you’ll experience some sick ass results!
  • 50+ Bodyweight Exercise Vault – Over 50 exercises that I personally teach proper form with in our simple to use form index…
  • And Much More

Squat Domination

Whether in the gym, on the field, or in life the Squat is a movement that has a litany of benefits and even more complexities. If anything you can say this, it’s DEFINITELY the “Most Respected Exercise”.

Here’s What Included in 12-Week Squat Program:

  • Dynamic Warm Up Manual
  • 21 MUST DO Exercises
  • And Much More

Meathead Supplement Guide

Here’s What Included Program:

  • Top 10 Supplements that get you JACKED
  • Top 10 Supplements that get you RIPPED
  • The “Truth” about what Supplements work
  • And Much More

Explosive Strength Training

Here’s What Included Program:

  • 12 Week Training Program
  • “Six Biggest Plyometric Mistakes”
  • 33+ Plyometric Exercise Vault
  • And Much More

Pull 2x – Dead Lift Program

Here’s What Included Program:

  • 12 Wk. Accelerated Results Program
  • “Kick Start” Warm Up Routine
  • Video Coaching Check List
  • And Much More

Training Intensifiers – Charged

Here’s What Included Program:

  • The “Dirty 30”
    I’m giving you my top 30 Training intensifiers that will initiate a massive flood of testosterone so that you will experience accelerated Strength Gains, Muscle Growth & Fat Loss…at the same time!
  • “Kick Start” Warm Up Routine
    The Man Cave’s patented warm up that in only 5-10 minutes will wake up and charge your muscles for the rapid fire, high intensity exercise routines responsible for the extreme results you’ll experience
  • Simple to Use Action Guide
    After arming you with all of my high octane “Training Intensifiers”, I’m going to eliminate any and all confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed so that you can cut right to the chase and start getting the insane results I know you will get
  • And Much More

DISCLAIMER  This program ONLY works if you are they type that is unwilling to accept anything less than 100% effort from yourself. If you are a half-asser or tire kicker, I don’t want you having access to these training secrets. Why? Because frankly I’m only interested in helping those that are WILLING to make serious changes in their lives and BECOME the badass that nature intends them to be. Bottomline: pussies and pretenders are not welcome…only action taking BADASSES need apply!!!

JUST $197

“Chandler impresses me with his commitment to walking the talk in everything he does. He teaches what it truly means to increase your strength both physically and mentally. He’s the perfect balance of brains and brawn in an industry severely lacking in that department. If you are willing to do the work he demands….expect MASSIVE results!”
Zach Even-Esh
“What can I say about Chandler except that he is awesome (and strong as hell)! He is a great trainer, a great friend, and someone who never puts less than 110% into everything he does. After meeting Chandler a few years ago, I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable he was as a coach around athletic development; and at such a young age. Over the years, it has been my pleasure to watch him get even better.”
James Smitty Smith

“In a world where weak, skinny bastards yap online about strength but have no real gains… it is a breath of fresh air to meet a man who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.Chandler is a super strong badass, who also teaches dudes how to become super strong badasses themselves. Not only is Chandler a walking example of everything he teaches, his teaching style is crass and entertaining… which makes him an awesome coach.”
Elliot Hulse

“Chandler Marchman is a beast.  I love training at his facility any time I get a chance because he’s always experimenting with cutting edge strength techniques and putting on a clinic for the guys that want to increase their powerlifts.  His technique is near perfect and he has a gift for coaching and teaching others in an intense yet intelligent fashion.  If you allow him to I’m positive Chandler is the right man to help you get stronger than you ever thought possible.”
Mike Westerdal

“As a former college athlete, current competitive athlete, and strength coach, I’ve spent years working with and meeting some of the best coaches in the industry. If you’ve seen Chandler train and watched his videos, then you realize that he practices what he preaches so every program or exercise he does he knows works. This means that anyone who follows the programs he creates and uses the knowledge he gives will have their be taken to the next level! I can say without a doubt, that when it comes to increasing your strength and adding quality muscle Chandler Marchman is one of the best. Not only does his program design give clients and athletes the results they are seeking, but his ability to coach and break down every exercise that gets performed makes sure that everyone who follows one of his programs gets the best results possible.”
David Claiborne
“Chandler’s ability to apply his knowledge and coaching into his programs are the #1 reason’s for his clients continued success and dominance. Putting your trust into Chandler’s programs will bring you all the success you have been chasing and more! If you are tired of not achieving what you feel you should in the gym, you simply have to use his programs!”
Rick Daman

JUST $197