Discover the Strength Secrets Used by
TOP NFL Trainers
to MASTER the ‘Bench
Rep Test’ and Build Stacks of Dense
Explosive Muscle in Your Chest,
Arms & Shoulders
in less than 8 Weeks FLAT!!!



When the top college football players in the nation prepare for the most important test of their life (the NFL Training Combine), the #1 test that top executives focus their attention on to determine upper body power and endurance is the “225 LB. Bench Rep Test”

Now it’s your turn to press like a pro and see how “YOU” stack up with the ‘Bench For Reps Challenge’


By: Chandler Marchman NSCA-CPT & CSCS
Former Collegiate Strength Coach 
& Strongman Competitor

If you are looking for a challenge that will take your strength, size, and muscularity with the bench press to a level that you thought was only possible for the monsters you see playing on Sundays in the NFL, then strap up, grab your balls, and read EVERY WORD ON THIS PAGE:

Here’s why: I’m gonna hand you the exact, fool proof training system that I use day in and day out at the MAN Cave to train my top High School, College and Professional football players…


Before we dive into what I’ve got for you, let’s see if you match up for what this advanced training program was built for:

  • You’re currently either a High School, College or Professional Football player who gets tested in the Bench Press Rep and/or 1 Rep Max test
  • You simply LOVE bench pressing and want to build more explosive muscle in your chest, shoulders, and triceps so you can be that guy at the gym that everyone comes to for advice   
  • You want to learn the hidden secrets of how to ‘Press Like a Pro’ so you can take legal shortcuts to gain more size and put up bigger numbers than your competition 
  • Just one of the cues in the “100% Efficiency Model” will help you add an instant 17% increase in your 1 Rep Max and 5-10 more reps in your rep test results after the first day alone!!
  • You’re tired of that pain in the ass plateau that continues to block you from the bench gains you feel like you should be getting. 
  • Don’t worry!!! I got you covered with my ‘Bench Like a BADASS’ video coaching vault that will help you blast through these frustrating obstacles on the very first day you use them!
  • You’re an alpha male that thrives on the challenge of setting and shattering goals over and over again
  • Even though you live and die by the bench press, you want to build muscularity, strength, and explosiveness throughout your entire body 
  • One of the major tricks you’ll discover is how to turn your body into a testosterone producing power plant that produces this muscle building and fat burning hormone at will…and to do this you gotta use more than just the bench (HINT: Below the belt lifting is CRUCIAL to your gains)
  • You are tired of workout plans and supplements that SIMPLY…DON’T…WORK, and are ready to go balls to the wall with a ground breaking new training system that has proven to work over and over again on everyone from the most advanced freak athletes in the NFL, to the average weekend warrior who wants to hit new records in your  ‘1 Rep Max’ and ‘Rep Test’

If you matched up with any of the above criteria for success, then continue reading:

Here’s the deal, the clock is ticking, and if you’re like me then you’ve probably got some big lifting goals that were left unreached last year.

Well a wise man once told me “if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got!” 

In short, if you aren’t changing your approach, then you’re gonna continue to fall short of the gains that you should be getting right now!!  

Take for instance the Bench Press.  

I’ve been lifting for close to 17 years now, and like many of you got immediate and dramatic results when I first started hitting it hard.

Everything was peachy and I thought I had limitless potential to grow as Jacked, Strong, and as Ripped as I ever wanted to be

Then, like it does for every lifter who’s ever been bit by the iron bug…Reality sunk in… 

I hit about a 7 year plateau that saw me not gain a single ounce of muscle or a single lb. to my bench press…


It wasn’t until I made one groundbreaking connection that completely changed the course of not just my own gains, but all of the athletes that work with me at the MAN Cave as well…

It came from one of the top collegiate strength coaches at the University of Florida…(the same coach that has put over 23 players into the NFL!!!)


Here’s what he taught me to help all of our lifters INSTANTLY crush old plateaus that had been plaguing us for years:

  • “225 lb. Bench Press Secrets” …these are the same easy to use tricks that top NFL Draft hopefuls use during the combine rep test to add an immediate 5 reps to your test…the very first time you use it!!
  • Trick #3 in the “Plateau Busters” section will give you a monster bench! All it takes to use it is a simple half inch shift in your shoulders and BOOM…you’ve got an extra few reps to your Test Results right from the get go!!!
  • My personal favorite, the “Rhythm & Stroke Rep Scheme”, will show you the exact method to pace yourself, breathe, and properly engage your all powerful Central Nervous System so that you can execute with laser like precision and complete your ‘true max reps’ given your ‘true strength potential’ {no more leaving numbers you SHOULD be getting on the table}
  • One of the most confusing obstacles that consistently halts achieving your ‘true max reps’ or ‘true strength potential’ is your warm up. With the  “High Rep Priming” routine, you’ll never be confused or lost again! See the right warm-up leading in to your Bench Rep test really is a “make or break” deal, and with this protocol you’ll be primed to perform at 100% of your strength & power output potential every time you get under the bar.


  • “Full Body Anabolic Priming”…If you haven’t discovered the unbelievable power of this principle then you’re in for a treat! This is the way the strength coach described it to me:

“Imagine if your body somehow held the key to one of the most powerful compounds on the face of the earth that could be used whenever you wanted and would allow for you or anyone else that used it to build unlimited muscle, strength, and conditioning. Now imagine if you isolated it and could control the on-off switch.”

If you’re using the “Full Body Anabolic Priming” Principle that’s exactly what you will be able to do!

Essentially you will transform your body into a Testosterone and Growth Hormone manufacturing plant that produces these muscle building and fat burning hormones at will (without having to spend a dime on any of those dangerous pro-hormone supplements that are burning a hole in your wallet)…

How do you compare to the NFL’s best???

All of this sounds pretty badass and is a direct result of training to increase your performance in the NFL Combine 225 lb. Bench Rep Test, but…

What if You Can’t Bench Press 225 Lbs. for 1 Rep Yet…NO PROBLEM…You Can Use the Same Formula for Success by exchanging 225 Lbs. with your own Bodyweight!!! 

That’s why I created “Bodyweight Bench Press Mastery”.  

It uses the same training principles you’d use to prepare for the NFL Combines 225-Rep Test, but you can personalize it by seeing how many times you can bench press your own body weight.

The Best Part

And the best part is, by doing so you will not just increase the number of reps you can put up with your bodyweight, but you’re gonna smash your old 1 Rep Max too!!! 

This has been by far the most researched and well-rounded bench program that you will ever come across and I’ve gone to great lengths to assure that EVERYTHING IS COVERED so that you’re guaranteed the gains you want and deserve… 

Here are a few of the interesting finds that I stumbled upon during the research portion of this program:

5 Major Bench Stoppers Holding Every Bench Press
Back From INSTANT Gains

BENCH STOPPER #1: Improper Form

When I teach the bench press, I always have to drive home the point that you MUST be the model of efficiency in order to perform at the peak of your natural abilities.

I can’t tell you how many times that within only 5-10 minutes of coaching my performance coaches and I have helped add 20-35 lbs to a client’s bench press simply by correcting form.

How? It’s simple really, if you aren’t engaging the right muscles for the bench press, you will not be able to apply the maximum force. 

Inefficient movements will result in a less than stellar performance and that’s NOT only for a 1 Rep Max! That goes for the Bench Press Rep Test too…

See, over the course of an entire set, you could be losing 3-5 reps just from not knowing proper form or test taking protocol…

Essentially the wasted movements over time will sap your energy stores inside the muscles responsible for pressing and make you hit the failure point long before you reach the numbers your “True Strength Potential” should reflect…

Don’t let that happen to you any longer!  

Bench Booster:  The Bench for Reps Program gives you immediate access to online tutorial videos perfecting your technique.

BENCH STOPPER #2:  Your Max Strength Is Too Weak

Whether you admit it or not, the ability to bench press your bodyweight a number of times IS indicative on how strong you are. If you haven’t made maximal strength a priority, then you’re missing out on valuable reps.

Why? Think energy conservation and efficiency again. Say you have two bench pressers. Both weight 200 lbs., one can bench press 315 lbs, whereas the other one can only put up 225 lbs.

Logically, who do you think is gonna have an easier time pressing 200 lbs for reps? 

It’s a no brainer! The stronger guy will be able to perform many more than the weaker guy. PERIOD!!!

If you haven’t prioritized maximal strength in the bench press, then you’re missing the boat!

Bench BoosterOne of your four workouts per week is a max effort session where you will be performing sets of 1, 2, or even 3 reps at your maximal strength capacity {BONUS: this also turns on the “Anabolic Switch” we talked about earlier}


BENCH STOPPER #3:  Lack of Muscular Endurance

On the flip side, if you lack muscular endurance, especially in the muscles activated in the bench press (chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back), then you will peter out – regardless of how strong you are! Simply put, you must match maximal strength with muscular endurance if you wish to crush this test.

Bench Booster: During the Bench for Reps program you’ll have a rep-day where you bang out lots of repetitions. 

BENCH STOPPER #4:  Improper Weak Point Training

We mentioned before, in order to be effective in the 225 lbs rep test or any bench press rep challenge we must patch up any “leaks” or structural integrity issues.

That means you must identify key deficiencies and address them with the RIGHT exercises. If you aren’t addressing your weaknesses with the proper weak point training exercises, don’t expect to see any marked improvement when you test yourself!

Bench Booster: Your Bench for Reps programs incorporates assistance exercises, plus there’s a lower body day where you perform other big compound movements that release muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

BENCH STOPPER #5:  Poor Test Taking Technique

I know what you’re thinking. How could anyone “screw the pooch” on this one? You just grab the bar and bench it as many times as you can…until you can’t! Right?

If you think that’s all there is to it, you couldn’t be further from the truth OR further from increasing your reps!!! 

Bench Booster: This won’t be a problem for you. I’ll teach you how to utilize the “rhythm reps” and “stroke reps” technique for maximum results.


Here’s What You’re Getting With Your
Copy of
Bodyweight Bench Press

  • “60 Day Full Body Blitz” – Using this 60 Day full body assault will engage more muscle fibers and stimulate a massive release in anabolic hormones so you build muscle and burn fat fast! Just 4 days a week, and one hour a day is all it takes to not just master the Bodyweight Bench Test, but to transform what you see in the mirror too!!!
  • “Bench Like a Badass” – Learn the same “Professional Coaching Methods” that show you exactly how to DOMINATE this modern day test of Manhood. Not just that, you’ll also uncover the secret to increasing your max by up to 35 lbs. in a single day!  
  • “Bodyweight Bench Press Secrets” – Discover the same simple tricks that NFL Draft hopefuls use during the combine rep test so you too can add up to 5 extra reps to your results instantly
  • “Metabolic Conditioning Primer” – Train your entire body once a week with these once a week sessions designed to get you more shredded and muscular while working on your weak points at the very same time. This is the same secret behind ‘Brick Shit House Training’ and how it amps up your metabolic rate for extreme fat burning… 
  • “Jump Start Training Primer” – This 9 minute and 47 second workout will stimulate more muscle fiber and unlock your bodies’ FULL strength & muscle Building potential so you can defeat your “bad genetics” and dominate like a BEAST.
  • “Plateau Busters” – There are 5 MAJOR reasons you’re in a bench press rut, and when you learn about these (as well as their fast and simple solutions), your bench press and “rep test” potential will go through the roof! You’ll set a new record day one, GUARANTEED!!! 
  • “Accelerated Results Action Plan” – There’s nothing worse than receiving the keys to the kingdom but not knowing where to find it! I’ve made this the simplest to navigate training solution possible. That way all you have to worry about is opening it up and getting right to the good stuff…getting fast results!
  • “Rhythm & Stroke” Rep Scheme – Learning the difference between these two reps will be your ticket to at least a 3-rep jump during your bench test. This one’s super easy and effective!
  • “High Rep Priming” – The right warm-up leading in to your Bench Rep test really is a “make or break” deal. When you use this protocol you’ll be primed to perform at 100% of your strength & power output potential.


For ONLY $47
(93% Savings)

This program ONLY works if you are they type that is unwilling to accept anything less than 100% effort from yourself. If you are a half-asser or tire kicker, I don’t want you having access to these training secrets. Why? Because I’ll be honest, I’m in the business of helping only those that give a damn and are wanting/willing to make SERIOUS change in their lives. Bottom LIne: pussies and pretenders are not welcome…only action taking BADASSES need apply!!!

For ONLY $47
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Top 10 Reasons To Act Right Now!

  • The price is the cheapest it will ever be, right now.
  • You’ll learn perfect bench press technique easily and safely.
  • This is the best program in existence for mastering the Bench for Reps test.
  • You’ll find out where you stack up compared to the pros.
  • Since it’s only an 8-Week program it’s an easy routine to stick with until completion.
  • This is a complete program with max effort, rep days, lower body days, assistance work and conditioning workouts.
  • It’s cheaper than flying to Tampa Bay and hiring me for $150 an hour as a coach;)
  • This is a sweet way to challenge yourself and be held accountable to the amazing gains that you could be getting this very second.
  • If it doesn’t work for you (it will) you get a full refund.
  • The only way to get what you want is to change what you’re currently doing.

If you’re serious about reaching your health and strength goals in 2013 I’d love to coach you up and get you started on hitting the goals that are well within your reach. The Challenge has been set and I know you’re ready to get those gains that have been eluding you for far too long…

For ONLY $47
(93% Savings)

P.S. Got any questions? Check out the FAQ Section below:

Q:  What is the current NFL Combine 225 Bench Press Test Record?

A:  49-Reps

Q:  Will Bench for Reps help me prepare for a high school, college or NFL Combine bench press rep test?

A: Yes that is what it is for.

Q:  Will I still benefit from this program even if I don’t get tested or play a sport?

A:  Yes.  You train your entire body including max strength, endurance strength, lower body, assistance exercises, and have a metabolic conditioning day.

Q:  Do I have to wait to get the Manual and Videos in the mail before I can start?

A:  No.  We do not want to delay your results and keep the cost down so that more people can benefit from this program so we decided to make it digital saving you on shipping costs and giving you 24/7 access to the information.

Q:  Do you need any special fancy equipment to do this program?

A:  Nope.  Just a barbell, bench, some weights and dumbbells.  A gym membership would be helpful but not needed.

Q:  Chandler, how many times can you bench press 225 lbs?

A:  After going through this program I went from 21 reps to 25 reps at a bodyweight of 224 lbs. I’ll hit 30 reps my next go around for sure!

Q:  What if it doesn’t work for me?

A:  You get a no questions asked no hassle 100% refund within 60-days. AND you get to keep the program.

Q:  Will my max bench strength get weaker from doing this program?

A: I’ve never seen it happen. You have a max effort bench day, which at the least will help you maintain your current 1 rep max while you concentrate on muscle endurance. A ton of guys at the MAN Cave actually see jumps in their 1 Rep Max.

For ONLY $47
(93% Savings)