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The Swole System

  • The Jump Start Training Primer$17…INCLUDED
    Short 5 Minute Warm-Up That Will Kick Your Swole System Training Into 3rd Gear to help you get Faster Results With Less Work
  • 90 Day Training Playbook$77…INCLUDED
    Your 90 day game plan that includes detailed training routines so you can get right to work on your muscular transformation.
  • Swole DNA $37…INCLUDED
    Detailed 19 page report breaking down the training principles behind how the Swole System works (This will open your eyes to a new training style that is designed to unlock your TRUE genetic potential!)
  • Expert Video Vault$37…INCLUDED
    Featuring Over 70 Videos of Exercises describing proper technique designed to help you master all lifts and movements in the Swole System.
  • Swole System Daily Planner$17…INCLUDED
    Failing to plan means you plan to fail, this guide will help show you how to put together a detailed training split using the Swole System…”Failure is NO LONGER an option.”
  • De-Loading Mastery$17…INCLUDED
    Learn the simple methods used to lift lighter weights yet still get stronger and more ripped. True hardcore lifters know about this trick… Now you will too.
  • “Brick Shit House Training” System $27…INCLUDED
    30 minutes of pure hell! This “ resistance cardio” is designed to make your stored fat cry for mercy while dramatically increasing your conditioning. Helping to give you the Jacked and Ripped physique you train for.
  • “Fat Burning Finisher” System$27…INCLUDED
    50+ resistance cardio routines you can do in 5 minutes or less designed to help burn fat long after your training is over!
  • Weak Point Training Solutions$17…INCLUDED
    Simple yet effective training solution that will help you identify the weak points & gaps in your lifts. This research is designed to help you transform your most crippling weaknesses into some of your greatest strengths.

Meathead Meal Plan

  • Done 4 You Meal Plan: Kiss the days of guessing what to eat goodbye! Finally get an eating plan that if you follow it to the “T” will get you the results you’ve always wanted.
  • Meathead Medication (Supplement Guide):Exact supplements you need to accelerate your results, not the crap load of drugs magazines get paid millions to tell you to buy.
  • Meathead Mixers: Learn how mixing the right food combinations you can recover faster from your grueling workouts, avoid the crippling effects of muscular soreness, and be better prepared to kill your future workouts.
  • The “Triple P Code”: Find out how Proper Protein Portions can help you know exactly how much protein your muscles need, when it’s best to consume it, and why failing to apply this code will not only cost you in results in the gym, but also put a huge dent in your wallet!
  • Metabolism Manipulators: Exact tactics you can plug into your eating plan today to instantly give your metabolism a boost (faster metabolism = more calories burned WITHOUT extra effort)
  • Meathead Grocery List: Simply print this document and go down to your grocery store with exactly what you need to get bigger and leaner than ever before (no longer do you have to look like a total dumb-dumb at the supermarket, thanks to this list).
  • M.D.S. Guide: This stands for “Meathead Delicious Snacks”.  Learn how to snack like a man so you can look like a man (no more rice cakes or other unsatisfying and embarrassing snacks you can’t eat in front of your friends)
  • “Pimpin’ Carbs”: Learn how to manipulate your carb intake to look leaner and bigger without starving yourself (carbs no longer have to be the enemy, once you know how to use them).
  • Plug ‘n Chug Puzzle Solver: Step by step plan that teaches you ‘What to Eat’, ‘How Much to Eat’ and ‘When to Eat’ (eliminating any chances of you screwing up your own meal plan)
  • Plug ‘n Chug” Plan that teaches you “What” to eat, “How Much” to eat, and “When” to eat it… #EatLikeABadass
  • Original MeatHead X-Files: Get 2 sample diets used by myself and given to my clients detailing everything we ate, how much of it we ate, it’s your chance to see the Plug ‘n Chug Puzzle Solver in action along with everything else in the Meathead Meal Plan.

Meathead Supplement Guide

  • Rx Plan: Discover the exact amount dosages you should take for each supplement so you are not buying ridiculously sized jars of supplements and giving away all your money to these filthy rich supplement companies.
  • Top 10 Jacked & Ripped Plan: Learn the 10 Supplements all must have in their arsenal if they are to ever get jacked and ripped from their training (these aren’t the stuff many supplement companies share, instead they keep pumping out new crap that you cannot even pronounce).
  • Supplement Manifesto: A detailed breakdown about what Supplements actually work so you know exactly what you’re talking about the next time you walk into your local drug store, and won’t fall for any of those deceiving ads you see in the middle of your muscle magazines.
  • The Beginners Playbook: Day-by-day routine that breaks down what every person who is just starting out should do when it comes to taking supplements to getting lean and jacked…
  • The Advanced Playbook: Day-by-Day supplement routine that’s specifically created for the experienced lifter to break through any muscle building plateaus, helping you continuously burn fat and add muscle with ease…
All Three Programs – Just $47

All Three Programs – Just $47