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Here’s What You’re Getting:

Bench Like A Badass

  • Bench Booster Video: Short video reveals to you how to increase your bench by up to 35 lbs TODAY! These video tutorials are black book Top-Secret material that will instantly have you walking tall and glowing with pride over your newfound bench press success!!!
  • Bench Like A Bad Ass 101 – Get Instant Access to a 12 Week Program that eliminates any gues work to getting a bigger bench (no longer go to the gym wondering what to do to build a bigger bench, that’s a instant sign that you don’t belong in the gym – just FYI)
  • Encyclopedia of Supplemental & Accessory lifts that will help you destroy your max limiting weak points (helping you bench more weight while add stacks of dense and ripped muscle all over your body – not a bad side effect huh?)
  • Bench Press Revelation: Learn the exact training principle that has developed some of the World’s Strongest Benchers (now you can include your name to the mix, once you know this secret training principle and how you can use it right now)
  • Power 5: Detailed breakdown of the Five Points of Contact that you must master if you’re ever to bench like a complete bad ass (fouling up just one of these alone will drastically cut your full benching potential)
Squat Domination

  • Pre-game Primer $27…INCLUDED
    This is an intensive short, but effective dynamic warm-up that will help prep your body to lift more weights, leading to more muscle and more strength minus the injuries, aches, and pains that are often associated with squatting.
  • “Roman Squat” Progression$27…INCLUDED
    Rome wasn’t built in a day nor will your squat, but with this blueprint you’ll learn how to make progress with each workout so that you can be the KING of Squatting at your local gym (people in no time will line up just to see you squat)
  • Squat Rebooter $27…INCLUDED
    Featuring a specific formula on how to fix all the plateau causing weak points in your squat (fixing just one of these “weak points” will immediately give you a 15% increase in your overall squat…just imagine fixing them all)…You’ll transform yourself into a Total Bad-Ass!!!
  • Squat Exam $37…INCLUDED
    Perfection does not exist right? Wrong! There’s a right way and wrong way to squat! The difference? One gets results without the aches of back and knee pain and the other will leave you injured and stuck with a puny squat…
  • “21 & Done”$17…INCLUDED
    Learn MANdler’s 21 exercises that you must do if you’re ever going to dominate the Squat.  Each of these specific moves gets you one step closer to unlocking your TRUE GENETIC POTENTIAL with the squat…
  • 12 Wk. Squat Accelerator $77…INCLUDED
    This done for you program will teach you the simple and step-by-step process of how to plug the squat into your workout program for the next 3 months, so you can crush old plateaus, increase your maximal strength, and experience HUGE gains in size without any speed bumps or hiccups…
  • Savage Squatter Psyche$17…INCLUDED
    The proper mindset all big squatters require if they are ever to be successful master the king of all exercises (if you ain’t thinking right, you won’t do it right – many fail to embrace this fact, and end up with a lousy squat to show for it)
  • “Squat-ulator” $37…INCLUDED
    Discover the exact amount of weight you should be lifting for your squat so you are continuously making progress without hitting any plateaus (most people quit lifting because of this, but you won’t because of this!)
  • Speed Multiplier BONUS
    This blueprint will teach you how to immediately increase the rate of force your body is able to generate so you can run faster, play bigger, and be that unstoppable beast every opponent fears.
    Squatting is not for the faint at heart especially for those who make these big squat mistakes. Learn how you can avoid these mistakes so you don’t become the next name on the Squat Tombstone.

Pull 2X – Deadlift

  • 12 Wk. Accelerated Results Program$77 Value
    The exact program I use to add stacks of “bar bending” weight onto ALL of my athletes Deadlift while building 15-35 lb of RIPPED & DENSE Muscle at the same time…
  • “Kick Start” Warm Up Routine$27 Value
    The MAN Cave’s patented warm up that in only 5-10 minutes will wake up your muscles & joints while immediately adding up to 25 lbs on your deadlift and preventing the dreaded lower back injuries so common during the deadlift
  • Video Coaching Check List$47 Value
    My in depth coaching tutorials that will patch up any and all of the mistakes you don’t even know you’re making so that you can add a GUARANTEED 25 lbs to your Deadlift on Day One alone!!!
  • “Explosive Strength” Principle$27 Value
    I’ll teach you the simple secret of how you can make heavy weights FLY off the ground, so you’ll NEVER be embarrassed about missing a new max again!
  • Secret “Triggering” Technique$27 Value
    I’ll teach you one of the most Guarded and Top Secret form techniques that some of the World’s BEST Deadlifters use so you too can set record after record…
  • De-Loading Secrets of the Pro’s $17 Value
    The simple “how to” tutorial that shows just how easy it is to use our percentage based training system, as well as every step you need to take to follow this program with great success…
  • “Brick Shit House Training” System $27 Value
    The innovative training principles and routines that allow us to maintain all of our strength and size while burning fat faster and easier than ever before…
  • Percentage Based Training Method$17 Value
    The same training method used in the Swole System that guarantees you’ll use the precise rep, set, and weight scheme for so that you’re guaranteed the fastest results possible…
  • “Patching Method” & Exercise Vault$17 Value
    One of the crucial training principles that helps to identify and attack weak points with specific exercises so that your 1 Rep Max moves up the leader board FAST!!!
  • “Pull 2X” Progression Method $17 Value
    The simple to follow and step by step progression system that guarantees you’ll be puling 2X your bodyweight in 12 Wks. or less
  • “Big Lift” Mindset$17 Value
    The 6 item checklist that you’ll use so you’re NEVER mentally or physically unprepared to pull huge weights again!
  • Deadlift “Fashion Guide” $17 Value
    Learn the exact items you need in your gym bag to get the most out of your Deadlift (WARNING: Many of you are giving up major weight by wearing one of these items)
Explosive Strength Training

  • 12 Week Training Program$77…INCLUDED
    Step-by-Step guide created to help you build scary levels of explosiveness that will leave you embarrassing your competition. After the next 12 weeks no player or coach will recognize or dare challenge you!!!
  • “Pre-Power Primer” $17…INCLUDED
    Prepare yourself with this effortless 5-minute warm up that will leave you feeling agile, mobile and hostile!!!
  • Plyometric Success Secrets$27…INCLUDED
    Learn the NFL Combine Training secrets that will help jump-start your gains and have you moving just as fast and explosively as the football stars you watch on Sunday’s!
  • “6 Biggest Plyometric Bloopers”$27…INCLUDED
    Discover the 6 Mistakes 99% of Athletes Make When Starting Plyometrics and how to avoid them so you can use them effectively and safely!
  • Plyometric Ladder $27…INCLUDED
    Learn the strategic way to incorporate plyometrics into your training no matter your training level…and how to quickly progress so you are consistently see increases in your explosiveness and power output.
  • 33+ Plyometric Exercise Vault$27…INCLUDED
    Over 33 detailed exercises that will increase power in athletes, without stunting strength or muscle gains.
  • Superior Strength Series$27…INCLUDED
    Discover the exact exercises you should be focusing your efforts into for a solid foundation of strength that will help capitalize on your plyometric training efforts.

    • Bench Like a Badass
    • Overhead Domination
    • Squat Domination
    • Deadlift Domination
  • Plateau Buster Formula$17…INCLUDED
    Instant access to the blueprint that tells you EXACTLY how much you should be lifting if speed, explosiveness, and dramatically increased power output are your goal. You’ll do all this without hitting the progress blocking invisible walls known as “plateaus”.

DISCLAIMER  This program ONLY works if you are they type that is unwilling to accept anything less than 100% effort from yourself. If you are a half-asser or tire kicker, I don’t want you having access to these training secrets. Why? Because frankly I’m only interested in helping those that are WILLING to make serious changes in their lives and BECOME the badass that nature intends them to be. Bottomline: pussies and pretenders are not welcome…only action taking BADASSES need apply!!!

JUST $97

“Chandler impresses me with his commitment to walking the talk in everything he does. He teaches what it truly means to increase your strength both physically and mentally. He’s the perfect balance of brains and brawn in an industry severely lacking in that department. If you are willing to do the work he demands….expect MASSIVE results!”
Zach Even-Esh
“What can I say about Chandler except that he is awesome (and strong as hell)! He is a great trainer, a great friend, and someone who never puts less than 110% into everything he does. After meeting Chandler a few years ago, I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable he was as a coach around athletic development; and at such a young age. Over the years, it has been my pleasure to watch him get even better.”
James Smitty Smith

“In a world where weak, skinny bastards yap online about strength but have no real gains… it is a breath of fresh air to meet a man who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.Chandler is a super strong badass, who also teaches dudes how to become super strong badasses themselves. Not only is Chandler a walking example of everything he teaches, his teaching style is crass and entertaining… which makes him an awesome coach.”
Elliot Hulse

“Chandler Marchman is a beast.  I love training at his facility any time I get a chance because he’s always experimenting with cutting edge strength techniques and putting on a clinic for the guys that want to increase their powerlifts.  His technique is near perfect and he has a gift for coaching and teaching others in an intense yet intelligent fashion.  If you allow him to I’m positive Chandler is the right man to help you get stronger than you ever thought possible.”
Mike Westerdal

“As a former college athlete, current competitive athlete, and strength coach, I’ve spent years working with and meeting some of the best coaches in the industry. If you’ve seen Chandler train and watched his videos, then you realize that he practices what he preaches so every program or exercise he does he knows works. This means that anyone who follows the programs he creates and uses the knowledge he gives will have their be taken to the next level! I can say without a doubt, that when it comes to increasing your strength and adding quality muscle Chandler Marchman is one of the best. Not only does his program design give clients and athletes the results they are seeking, but his ability to coach and break down every exercise that gets performed makes sure that everyone who follows one of his programs gets the best results possible.”
David Claiborne
“Chandler’s ability to apply his knowledge and coaching into his programs are the #1 reason’s for his clients continued success and dominance. Putting your trust into Chandler’s programs will bring you all the success you have been chasing and more! If you are tired of not achieving what you feel you should in the gym, you simply have to use his programs!”
Rick Daman

JUST $97