When people come to me for diet and exercise coaching both at my gym and online, the very first thing I want to know is what their diet looks like.

Fact is regardless of how stout your training is, if your diet is slacking you will never get the results your hard work should be giving you.

Your diet will either maximize or minimize the results you can expect from your workouts so I have to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to get the results you want.

Look I know how frustrating and confusing the diet game can be. The second you think you got it, a new fad comes out that tells you “you are dead wrong”. The truth is, there’s a far simpler, more effective, and proven method to dieting that you can use right now that will allow you to scoop up a ton of the results that you’ve been leaving on the table just like all of my others coaching clients and gym members have.

And it’s so easy!!!

Seriously I haven’t found a single person that hasn’t been able to shed a quick 7 lbs. of body fat within the first three weeks (a lot when you consider that those 7 lbs. are all body fat instead of a combination of fat and muscle).

What I want to do for you is give you a chance to get this very same diet and supplement system that all of my top clients used to get the ripped up and chiseled 6-Pack that you are shooting for right now.

They all started in the same boat you’re in and have been thrilled with what those results have meant to their lives so I figured you’d be down for the same tools they used that worked so well for them.

Here’s what you’re getting today:

  • Meathead Meal Plan: $47 Value
    • The exact plug ‘n chug diet planner that allows you to manipulate your body into releasing a tidal wave of anabolic hormones throughout your body that help you burn fat 24/7 even while you aren’t in the gym.
  • Meathead Supplement Guide: $47 Value
    • It’s a well know fact that the right supplements can help give you even faster results from your diet and exercise program, but are you falling victim to the “Billion Dollar SCAM?” I’ll show you the EXACT supplements you need to take and how much to take so you never get robbed by the supplement super stores again!
  • Full Diet Critique: $77 Value
    • When my performance nutrition coach used this very same technique I started to see my abs get more etched out within only 2 weeks of leaving his office! I’ll take you through the exact same steps so that you can learn the same tricks he taught me.

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