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Add These 19 Hybrid Fat Burning Finishers To The End Of Every Workout and Burn Fat 24/7

Recently I put together 19 Hybrid Fat Burning Finishers for my friends over at Lean Hybrid Muscle.

After releasing the SWOLE System I’ve been flooded with people asking how they can take there fat burning to the next level.

And so I’ve decided to offer you these Finishers that you can perform after every workout to help you burn fat for 24 hours straight, 7 days a week.

If you’re wondering what a a Finishers is then let me explain.

A Finisher is a what I like to refer to as MAN cave conditioning.

It’s resistance cardio at it’s BEST.

It’s a sequence we place at the very end of the training routines that take just 5-10 mins.

They focus on simple movement patterns that keep the heart rate up.

Finishers not only kick your ass but they get you super lean while allowing you to maintain all that muscle you’ve been working so hard to pack on.

By doing these you’ll increase you muscle density, muscle definition, your strength and power endurance, as well as increase your resting metabolic rate that allows you to burn more fat.

By using multi-joint movements in a circuit format, we combine strongman and bodyweight exercises to really increase the intensity  allowing your to burn fat while building muscle at the same time.

Plug in these Finishers at the end of your routines and you’ll become the lean, ripped, muscular, ass kicking machine you should be!

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