The Big Shameless
Conspiracy To Make You
Fat, Weak and Wussified…

PLUS, The ONE SIMPLE STEP That Will Quickly
and Powerfully Transform Your Body Forever!

Dear future SWOLEdier,

I’m about to unleash some important information that quite honestly you probably don’t even deserve to know…

In fact, unless you’re DEAD SERIOUS about…

  • Get jacked and ripped beyond belief…
  • Increasing your size…
  • Exploding your strength…
  • And being the dominant, masculine women lust over…
Then Do Yourself a Favor and
Leave This Page Right Now.

I’m not joking. This letter is going to reveal size and strength secrets I guarantee nobody has ever told you before, and I only want truly committed guys along for the ride.

Now have you ever read a fitness magazine or seen a late night infomercial that just kept going on and on about how you can transform your body, using either some silly 5-min solution, taking their mystery pill, or using some funky looking machine?

Or the opposite end of the spectrum is some super “intense” or “insane” workout program that will get you ripped, toned, muscular body?

Then they go on to tell you that you can quickly and easily get the exact same results with this magic solution.

Seriously, if ANY of that stuff worked – you wouldn’t be reading this because…

You’d Be Totally Ripped Right Now!

But the fact is, that stuff doesn’t work. Not for others, not for you. Even their testimonials and “success stories” are usually BS. And the bottom line is…

They will NOT help you a meaningful amount of fat…

They won’thelp you gain any muscle.And they certainly won’t increase your performance.

This is the cold, harsh reality of the health and fitness world.

The magazines, supplement companies and exercise manufactures keep on selling you a BS dream with no basis in reality…then laughing all the way to the bank while virtually no one gets any results whatsoever.

Look becoming a diesel fueled butt kicking machine isn’t easy, it takes a real blueprint from someone just like you who has actually done it.

Not some fake “guru” who never really had to put in the work before creating his or her “magic bullet.”

I Know, Because I’ve Peeked
Behind the Curtain and Seen It for Myself!

Unfortunately, I’ve actually gotten to know on a personal level, several different people who are behind these multi-million dollar companies.

And trust me if you meet them yourselves, you wouldn’t give them a dime!

Many of them smoke, eat McDonalds, and have bodies that make Dr. Phil look like Mr. Olympia!

So, let’s make something clear…

If you have been a victim to one of these so-called solutions – that stops today.

Because there’s absolutely no effing way you’ll ever gain the rock-hard slabs of manly muscle you want following those hyped-up sissified scams.

There is no fat burning pill or get ripped overnight program that is going to magically transform your body into that of a Greek God.


If You Want The TRUTH About What It Takes to
Get an Imposing, Muscular, Functionally Strong Body
(Unlike Most Body Builders Have)…

… Then pay very close attention, because I’m about to reveal two powerful sentences that make it practically impossible for you to live with a weak, wussified body – ever again!

I never intended to go public with this shocking info… but because of all the BS I have seen all, and all the scams and lies that these big companies are feeding you, I feel it’s time to stand up and speak the truth.

Hey, I’m Chandler Marchman, the creator of the SWOLE System training program.

But, before I reveal to you exactly how the SWOLE System training program is going to transform you from the weak, puny, pathetic version of the man you’re supposed to be to a bucking stallion, I want to share with you my story so you know where I’m coming from.

For years I was a total creampuff. Just this fat little kid who wanted to play baseball.I had no self esteem.

I wasn’t getting any attention from the ladies.

And I sure as hell wasn’t getting any action on the field.

I Was Desperate to Make a Change.

I thought the best way to do this was to subscribe to all the fitness magazine, go to the local supplement store and load up on powders and pills, and purchase one of those at home workout machines.

I wasted my time with all these and seemed to be going around in circles.

I was spending hundreds of dollars just to try these stupid things and all of them were a complete waste of time.

What’s worse is each month I’d get another magazine in the mail, or an e-mail in my inbox offering yet another amazingly simple and fast “solution”.

Did I get any results from any of these products?


Now for most when something like this happens they blame themselves and just move on, or even though you’re angry you decided to do nothing about it.

Well screw that. I wasn’t just going to sit there and feel depressed.

I starting going to “hard core” gyms and meeting up with guys who were part of a size and strength “underground”… and by that I mean, guys who were doing some seriously cutting-edge, sometimes dangerous stuff that nobody in the mainstream knew about.

To be clear, not all of it worked. And some of it was risky as hell.

But many of these guys were onto something, and you get see it both in their strength and physique – as they bench-pressed, squatted and dead-lifted freakish amounts of weight.

So I began experimenting with some of their tips and secrets, even developing a few ultra-powerful training tricks of my own in the process… some of which I want to share with you in a moment.

But before I reveal those – I want to focus for a second on YOU and your story.

Because the only way you’re ever going to get massive results from what I share with you is if you’re in the right headspace.

You see, I’m sure over the years you’ve become pretty skeptical about any product or program that is promising to transform your body.

I know that you’re not looking to buy another hyped up training program full of promises it can’t deliver.

And That’s a Good Thing.
I Applaud You For That.

My foremost goal is for you to STOP wasting your money and stop buying all this stuff that is complete junk.

Because, truth be told, I’m looking for people who are fed up and are ready to fight back.

And if your still reading this then I know you are in the right place. It’s no coincidence that your here today…

You’re here because you’re actually ready to try a radically different and significantly more powerful way to explode your size and strength…

You want someone who isn’t in it for the money and is going to be straight up and honest with you.

You want to learn from one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country – without any fake claims, hyped up promises, or hidden catch.

And that’s exactly why I am writing this to you today.

Because Today Is The Day Your
Size, Strength and Confidence
Get Transformed – Forever

Now it should be obvious why so many phony “gurus” and companies are selling their hype, lies and BS systems… just follow the money.

It’s estimated the industry is raking in $50.6 Billion annually… and rising.

And it’s clear that if they sold you the truth then people would start to get results, and this would quickly cut into their profits.

That’s what separates me from many in this industry.

I am here to help you.

I’m not here to sell you some BS training program that I made up over the weekend, having never actually done it myself or trained other people with it.

Sure I could be like the others and promise you overnight result with little effort… I could probably become an overnight millionaire doing that.

But frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing honest people like you getting the wool pulled over your eyes.

So Here’s the Bottom Line…

We both know what the reality is to getting the body of your dreams.

It takes a lot of sweat, it takes hard work, it takes dedication.

But don’t let this scare you… because even more important than hard work is doing the right things, in the right order… and then avoiding the painful mistakes that nearly everyone else makes.

Mistakes that totally sabotage your progress – no matter how hard you work!

Once you have a proven blueprint to follow, which ensures you take the right steps and eliminate all those results-killing mistakes…

It actually becomes FUN to work hard in the gym.

Because there’s nothing more fun that manly feeling you get from lifting more weight than you’ve ever lifted before… or looking into the mirror and seeing a totally new body.

Or becoming the envy of your friends. Or the object of intense lust from women who previously wouldn’t give you the time of day.

These kinds of results are why I created the SWOLE System – and why I’m willing to guide you every step of the way until you get there.

I still remember the exact moment I looked in the mirror and notice my body was beginning to transform.

It Was One of The Most Awesome
#$%@! Moments of My Life

The pudgy kid that had been staring back at me for the past 15 years was starting to fad away.

Despite having struggled for so long with my weight, I was absolutely determined to find way.

I knew someday I could get the body I had always dreamed of and it was finally happening.

Nearly everything I tried had failed up to this point, but after experimenting with so many weird exercises and diet programs – and after infiltrating the “underground” and trying out some crazy-but-effective stuff…

I finally narrowed my process down to a few things that seemed to work over and over.

I noticed my body reacting in ways I never thought possible and that was all I needed.

Just One Real Way to Add Size, Speed and Strength
All While Burning Off That Unwanted Fat.

After I discovered the SWOLE system training methods my life would never be the same again.

I’ve helped transform hundreds of people who were just like you and me into SWOLEdiers.

Now my methods are a little unconventional and may scare off a few people – but if yo

I decided to I wanted start helping others and opened my own gym in South Tampa.

Now my methods are a little unconventional and may scare off a few people – but if you’re willing to put in the effort then it’ll produce awesome results.

The SWOLE System training program is designed to teach you everything you possibly need to get you to where you want to go.

Imagine having a step-by-step training program, a video library, a complete nutrition guide, meal plans and supplement guide to help you.

All For Less Than the Cost of a Date
That Probably Won’t Ever Get You Laid.

(Sadly, that’s true even if you’re married.)

So let’s cut through the BS and get down to the facts…

I want you to become my next SWOLE system success story.

I’m not going to make some hyped up claim, or make you an endless list of promises.

I just want to give you a proven system that is step-by-step and easy to understand.

And I’m going to do that by flat out GIVING YOU several downloaded manuals and videos.

I’m not holding anything back.

You’ll get everything you need to succeed.

Screw those companies and so called gurus who hold back in order to try make more money off you down the road.

I’m not going to sit by and continue to watch them keep you in the dark.

I’ve fallen for way to many of those scams I and I’m sure you have to.

Enough is enough!

Are you ready to try something that’s radically different – but also freakishly effective?

Are you willing to commit to taking action and use something that is proven in the real world with real people, not some paid actor who already had six pack abs before he ever saw what the product was?

I know what I have is priceless, and that it’s going to change your life.

But it is up to you whether you join me or decided to walk away and continue on the path your currently on.

Look you’re in the exact same position I was before I figured out how to get ripped abs, wide shoulders, sculpted arms, and a chest and back that demands respect.

And it’s a position that absolutely sucks!

Having no self esteem, a body you’re embarrassed about, and buying into the lies that are fed to you everywhere you look.

Although I know we have never met personally, I know you better than you think. Just by virtue of the fact you’re still reading, I can virtually guarantee your body is NOT where you want it to be right now…

Whether you’re trying to build more muscle or lose that extra weight… I’m willing to bet that you’ve tried some of the BS programs I’ve exposed already in this letter with little or no results.

So I’m going to be as straightforward as I can be and just come out and say it.

There is no easy path to transforming yourself into a diesel fueled ass kicking machine.

No one is getting ripped and jacked overnight and you know what if your not willing to put in the effort.. you won’t not get any results at all.

However, I’ll also say that I’m willing to bet that effort is not your problem.

Lies, Confusion and Misinformation
Are What’s Really Killing You!

Because you’re too smart to expect something for nothing… to think you can just wake up one morning with a six pack or arms to die for.

But the real issue is – with everyone giving you conflicting and often wrong advice… who the hell do you actually believe and trust?

That’s why – for the first time ever – I’m opening up secrets that could only previously be found in my hardcore gym. At long last, I’m sharing the exact training system I use to get staggering, undeniable results for my clients, my athletes and myself.

Best of all, I’m offering this training completely risk-free for the next 60 days.

Look I’m not going to sit here and tell you what results you can expect because quite frankly that part will depend 100% on what you decided to do with the SWOLE System.

Not only are you getting the exact training and nutrition manuals but you’ll also get access to the SWOLE System online video database.

You’ll be able to watch as I show you exactly how to perform each and every exercises with perfect precision.

You know as well as I do those other guys only give you a small part of the puzzle that doesn’t actually get you any real results.

Because the SWOLE System training program is a complete package designed to show you every step you need to get…

Zero Guesswork, No Secret Is Left Out!

Here’s a taste of everything you get when you invest in the system TODAY:

Component 1: The training manual

First I’m going to teach you how to get those results you desire.

In order for us to achieve all actual results, we have to establish a pecking order for the exercises we do on a daily basis.

Here I breakdown exactly what you need to know in order optimize the delivery of those results in the FASTEST and SIMPLEST manner possible.

Component 2: 12 Week Training Routine

Next I’m going to give you an exact step-by-step 12 Week training program so that you can simply take it to the gym and follow along.

No guessing what exercises to do each day.

No trying to figure out how many sets and reps you are suppose to perform.

No having to worry how to progress so that you continue to get results.

It’s all there. Completely done for you.

Component 3: Exercise Video database

If having a complete day to day program isn’t enough for you then you’ll also enjoy the detailed exercise video database I created for you.

I explain exactly how to perform each and every exercise in the program.

Taking you by the hand and walking you through the movement so you know exactly how to perform it for maximum results.

Component 4: The diet manual

As I’m sure you are aware it takes more than just working out to get the body of your dreams.

You are what you eat and that’s why I made sure to include my simplified nutritional strategies so you know what foods are good for you and what foods you should avoid at all costs.

If you are serious about finally breaking through then you’ll want to pay attention to this component.

Component 5: Meal Plans

Again I wanted to remove all the guesswork and show you exactly what you diet should look like.

You’ll see specific daily plans that you can follow.

Component 6: Supplements guide book

Not all supplements are bad.

If used correctly and for the right reasons many can and will help accelerate your results.

I break down what’s important and explain when and why you should be taking them.

In the SWOLE System training program instant access area you’ll see every component for yourself.

I’m confident you’ll be blown away by this straight forward system that you’ll be able to begin right away.

Here’s what you won’t have to do with the SWOLE System.

  • You don’t have to know how to write a program program or have any previous exercise knowledge
  • You don’t have to know a thing about diet or nutrition
  • You never have to waste your time trying to figure out what to do in the gym.
  • You don’t have to waste your time researching supplements, figuring out movements, calculating calories, piecing together workouts, figuring out progressions, and all that other stuff that takes hours upon hours to work out.

I’ve done all the heavy-lifting for you – so that you can focus on lifting heavier and getting stronger where it matters most – IN THE GYM!

SWOLE System takes you from beginning to end and is designed by me to help you.

No, this isn’t one of those fit in 15 minute workout programs, or another how to run faster speed program.

This is real in the trenches training used by my athletes and clients.

You just follow along step by step.

Remember, I’ve specially designed this to help you.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding that we may have I want to make it absolutely clear that the SWOLE System has nothing to do with those ab blaster 5000’s or any other ridiculous scams that are out there.

This is a complete system to take you from where you are now, to where you deserve to be.

Sure, I could probably make a absolute fortune selling worthless supplements and other BS products like the others do but would never want to make a living of lying to people.

My Focus Is Helping YOU Get that Impressive,
Freakishly Strong, Head-Turning Body That
You Know Is Already Inside You

I don’t care about anything else but RESULTS.

In fact, ever since I discovered this system it’s always been my dream to help as many people as I possibly can.

And this is my way to finally help all those like you, like me, who are struggling to get the body they want.

So let me help you.

After all I’m doing this just for you.

Right now you can join the growing group of SWOLEdiers who have embarked on the mission to get ripped and jacked.

So, if you are ready to jump in and beginning all you have to do is press the Add to Cart button below and you can start using the training ASAP.

This Could Be A Turning Point in Your Life…

Of course, you can do what most guys do and just wait… or keep doing what you’ve been doing.

But then your body will never change… and you’ll never experience that rush of confidence that comes from truly kicking ass in the gym… looking into the mirror and seeing your transformation…

…Or that rush of confidence you get when women who used to ignore you suddenly can’t take their eyes off of you.

Look, I’m no idiot – I know my competition is watching this. There are a lot of unscrupulous people in this industry.

And for that reason, I can’t guarantee this program will be around forever…

I’m not going to short-change my SWOLEdiers by allowing this information to just get stolen or passed around like a cheap piece of paper.

Because this life-changing system is way too valuable for that.

So, that means… the second I think we’ve reached capacity and that my competition is beginning to rip off my process… I’m going to taken this down and perhaps never offer it again.

Which means if you don’t act now… you could be kicking yourself forever.

Get the SWOLE System TODAY and Never Look Back!

Alright, by know you probably want to know what all this costs…

Well, that might be the best part.

I typical charge several thousand for people to come into my facility and work we me over a course of 12 weeks.

However, I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars today.

In fact, I’m not even going to charge you $1000 or even $500.

All I’m going to ask you to invest today is 2 payments of $47 dollars.

This isn’t a recurring fee either, so no monthly fees or other hidden charges you don’t know about.

I’m pretty confident that by now you realize that I’m a little different to most.

I’ll tell you things straight up, and I don’t like to sugar coat anything at all.

What I’m offering you is a proven system without all the bull.

I know you’re excited to get inside and take a look at everything for yourself.

That’s why I’ve made this totally risk-free so you can dive into the system without anything to lose.

Click “Add to Cart” Now… And In Mere Minutes
You Could Be Starting to USE the System
to Get Ripped Beyond Belief

Remember, after you grab your copy of the SWOLE System you get a full 60 days to put it to the test.

If at any point over the course of those 60 days, you decided that the SWOLE System is just not for you, then that’s no problem at all. I’ll happily refund your full investment.

But trust me I know you’re not going to do that once you see what’s inside.

This is truly a no-brainer.

I’ve shared all I know and taken a huge risk by putting this out there for you.

If for some right now you don’t feel like this is something for you, then that’s fine.

But if you’re gut is telling you that this is something that is going to help you then I urge you – before the time is up – to click the Add to Cart button below and download the SWOLE System.

Simply click the button below now and fill out your information on the next page and you’ll be given instant access to the entire system.


Just $47 Today and then the remaining $47 after 30 days.

Getting started is just a few clicks away.

Join the thousands of other who have already began their transformation.

Remember when you claim your copy right now, your protect by my 60 day no questions asked refund policy…guaranteed.

So, don’t wait any longer.

This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Claim your access and join me right now.

This is your chance to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

No hype, no BS… this is the real thing. And I’m going to prove it to you right now.

I look forward to welcoming you on board, and helping you kick ass and break through your plateaus… using the SWOLE System.

I’ll see you on the other side.


P.S. You have questions? I got answers…

Q: What is the SWOLE System and HOW does it work so fast?

A: The SWOLE System is an all-inclusive training packet that focuses on a percentage based scientific approach to training and easy to follow diet guide, that lead to fast and efficient results such as increased size, strength, endurance, and a lean athletic physique.

Q: What is included with this training system?

A: Included in this success pack are a done for you 12-Week transformation program, Video tutorials for EVERY exercise, a simple to follow diet guide, as a well as a theory portion that explains WHY the SWOLE System works so well for increased size, strength, power, endurance, and SEX APPEAL (you’ll look good while performing good as well)!!!

Q: I heard it’s impossible to get big and ripped at the same time. Will I be able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time while using this program?

A: YES!!! The most important piece of information I can bestow upon you is that the notion that it’s impossible to get JACKED and RIPPED at the same time is a complete MYTH!!! When focusing on the organized, efficient and SCIENTIFIC approach to training that I take with the SWOLE System, it will allow you to improve your size, strength, and endurance DRAMATICALLY…ALL while rapidly decreasing your body fat. It’s an awesome phenomenon to experience!

Q: I’m an athlete that needs to build strength, size and SPEED…will this training system work for me?

A: This system was actually started with athletes in mind. You will build size, strength, endurance and yes, even speed at a ridiculous rate! All things held constant, the athlete with superior strength, speed and conditioning ALWAYS wins. You don’t want to be left behind or face an opponent that has trained with this system. TRUST ME!!!

Q: Is there a diet component to this program? How does it work?

A: Yes. It’s one of the most important issues you must address when working towards your goals, and the simple system we use to address WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, and HOW MUCH to eat, are what make this done for you, “Plug & Chug” diet system SO effective.

Q:How fast can I expect to see results?

A: FAST!!! Within the first week you can expect to feel better and perform better. Within the first two weeks you’ll start to LOOK better. By week 12 you will be a completely changed MAN. More JACKED, RIPPED, STRONG and EXPLOSIVE than you ever were in your life!!!

Q: Will this program work if I’m just trying to get ripped?

A: HELL YEA!!! For many of the weekend warriors at my gym, this is there one and only goal!!! When you focus on the training protocol that we focus on with this training system, it is theoretically IMPOSSIBLE to not decrease your body fat percentage while developing a lean athletic physique.

Q: I’m older than a lot of your “success stories” seem to be (in my late 30’s), will this program be suitable for me as well?

A: Absolutely it will work for the older than 30 crowd! Our bodies are meant to adapt to the demands that we place upon them. When we go through this specific, science based training protocol, it’s all the more important that we focus on training efficiency. And that’s the cornerstone of the SWOLE System’s philosophy. Train smarter, not harder. Train optimally, not maximally. When we match our training, our nutrition, and our lifestyle with the proper roadmap that are dictated by our specific goals, we are guaranteed to have success, REGARDLESS of age!