Update #3
The Science of “SWOLE”

One of the universal truths when it comes to people that have success in the gym, in business, or in life is that they all follow “systems”.

What is a “system”?

Loosely defined, a system is a step-by-step process that when strictly followed will yield success to whoever it is that is doing it. So no matter if you are Donald Trump or Joe Dirt, if you follow a system, you’ll get the same desired results.

Why are they so important to you and your goal to get SWOLE?

Glad you asked!

First let me ask YOU a question.

How many times have you felt like you have busted your ass and received results that are less than satisfying to you, your coach, or the ladies?

All of us have at some point!

That’s the most frustrating thing about a lot of the training programs that so many of us are following.

The results don’t match up with the amount of time and effort we invest. The prevailing emotions when experiencing this problem?

  • This Sucks
  • This is Frustrating
  • This Isn’t Fare
  • I QUIT!!!

All of these emotions are why I decided to make it rain AWESOMENESS all over the fitness industry! There are too many people not getting the results they deserve.

So what’s the solution?

Finding a “system” that works…guaranteed!

If you are trying to put on mounds of lean muscle, become ripped as a blood hungry Spartan on crack, become strong as an angry gorilla, and be as explosive as tiger, you are going to need a “system” that allows you to reach these goals.

Unlike what many people will tell you though, I have found that the secret to developing all of these game changing results isn’t to train HARDER…

It’s to train SMARTER!

The reason why you might not be getting the results you want and deserve isn’t because of your lack of effort, it’s because of a flawed system. And the blunt truth is this, unless your program has gotten you nominal and noticeable gains in the past month alone, then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what you need to do to start moving the ball down the field.

So with that understood…

Let me teach you how to get those desired results.

I mentioned that when we follow a system, it will allow us to train smarter and more efficiently to get our desired results (getting SWOLE).

So in order for us to achieve all of the before mentioned results at the same time, we have to establish a pecking order for the exercises we do on a daily basis. And the best way to do that is to get our common sense hats on and start thinking logically.

So lets examine the desired results from above and discover how we can optimize the delivery of those results in the FASTEST and SIMPLEST manner possible…for the sake of a better understanding of these I’ll put the aspects of training in order of when you will work for them in a typical routine…

1. Explosiveness

To increase your power output in order to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier weights, or to be able to throw a devastating knockout punch, you have to train your body to increase the speed in which it is able to produce force.

The way we do this is by doing plyometrics.

Because we want our body to adapt to moving more explosively with these, we want to make sure we complete these in the beginning of the session (after our dynamic warm up) when we are fresh, as well as do minimal reps to insure that we are teaching our body to move fast and powerfully instead of moving slow and sluggish.

Good rule of thumb, whenever doing these exercises, think QUALITY over QUANTITY…

2. Maximal Strength

In order for us gain maximal strength (which also increases work capacity, muscle density, and MAN Quotient), we want to insure that our body is warmed up, prepared, and primed to lift stacks, but not so much so that our warm up turns into its own work out.

Pop quiz.

Are you able to lift more at the beginning of a work out or at the tail end when you are exhausted?

Exactly why you want to do your Max Strength training for your main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press) when you are warmed up and fresh.

3. Lean Muscle

I’ll be honest, the only thing you need to know about building the lean muscle necessary to get the athletic look that gets chicks all hot and bothered is to work with these principles…

  • Lift Intensely (Intensity = Immensity)
  • Choose the RIGHT Muscle Building Exercises (compound exercises > isolation exercises)
  • Train til Failure (MAN Up and see how far you can take a set…you’ll grow like a weed!!!)

4. Conditioning 

If you are wanting to get the ripped athletic look that shows off the fruits of your labor, then you have to focus on the type of training that’ll get you those results.

Because we want to maintain the lean muscle that we’ve busted our ass to build, we will do a special type of conditioning for fat burning. FINISHER’s!

Think of it as resistance cardio work. It’s fast paced, intense and will use weights (bodyweight as well as other weights) to quickly and efficiently build muscular endurance while burning tons of fat.

The reason we put it at the tail end of the workout?

Because after you do these, you are FINISHED!

Bottomline, you HAVE to follow a proven system if you want the results that seem to be evading you.

Trust me, you are no different than anybody else.

If you are not getting the results that you want, simply stand back and look at the road map you are following.

If it isn’t taking you to where you want to go…it’s time to find a new one to navigate with!

Stay Strong and Stay SWOLE!!!
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