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Ass Kickers Diet


Anchor Weight


The Science of Swole

The Ultimate 90 Day Guide To Help Build Dominating Muscular Size & Strength While Sculpting The Athletic Physique So
Many Women Love

Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • The Jump Start Training Primer$17…INCLUDED
    Short 5 Minute Warm-Up That Will Kick Your Swole System Training Into 3rd Gear to help you get Faster Results With Less Work
  • 90 Day Training Playbook$77…INCLUDED
    Your 90 day game plan that includes detailed training routines so you can get right to work on your muscular transformation.
  • Swole DNA $37…INCLUDED
    Detailed 19 page report breaking down the training principles behind how the Swole System works (This will open your eyes to a new training style that is designed to unlock your TRUE genetic potential!)
  • Expert Video Vault$37…INCLUDED
    Featuring Over 70 Videos of Exercises describing proper technique designed to help you master all lifts and movements in the Swole System.
  • Swole System Daily Planner$17…INCLUDED
    Failing to plan means you plan to fail, this guide will help show you how to put together a detailed training split using the Swole System…Failure is NO LONGER an option.
  • De-Loading Mastery$17…INCLUDED
    Learn the simple methods used to lift lighter weights yet still get stronger and more ripped. True hardcore lifters know about this trick… Now you will too.
  • “Brick Shit House Training” System $27…INCLUDED
    30 minutes of pure hell! This “ resistance cardio” is designed to make your stored fat cry for mercy while dramatically increasing your conditioning. Helping to give you the Jacked and Ripped physique you train for.
    “Make your stored fat cry for mercy”
  • “Fat Burning Finisher” System$27…INCLUDED
    50+ resistance cardio routines you can do in 5 minutes or less designed to help burn fat long after your training is over!
  • Weak Point Training Solutions$17…INCLUDED
    Simple yet effective training solution that will help you identify all the weak points & gaps in your lifts. This research is designed to help you transform your most crippling weaknesses into your greatest strengths.

DISCLAIMER  This program ONLY works if you are they type that is unwilling to accept anything less than 100% effort from yourself. If you are a half-asser or tire kicker, I don’t want you having access to these training secrets. Why? Because frankly I’m only interested in helping those that are WILLING to make serious changes in their lives and BECOME the badass that nature intends them to be. Bottomline: pussies and pretenders are not welcome…only action taking BADASSES need apply!!!

Chandler helped me make the USF Football team, Set they’re all time vertical jump record, And make the USA Bobsled team

Training with Chandler was truly the difference maker in me making both the USF Football team and USA’s Bobsled team. My vertical went from 37’’ to 43.5’’ (all time record at USF) and my bench went from 335 lbs. to 445 lbs. None of this would be possible without Chandler’s training systems.

Justin Wilcox

“Chandler impresses me with his commitment to walking the talk in everything he does. He teaches what it truly means to increase your strength both physically and mentally. He’s the perfect balance of brains and brawn in an industry severely lacking in that department. If you are willing to do the work he demands….expect MASSIVE results!”
Zach Even-Esh
“What can I say about Chandler except that he is awesome (and strong as hell)! He is a great trainer, a great friend, and someone who never puts less than 110% into everything he does. After meeting Chandler a few years ago, I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable he was as a coach around athletic development; and at such a young age. Over the years, it has been my pleasure to watch him get even better.”
James Smitty Smith

“In a world where weak, skinny bastards yap online about strength but have no real gains… it is a breath of fresh air to meet a man who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.Chandler is a super strong badass, who also teaches dudes how to become super strong badasses themselves. Not only is Chandler a walking example of everything he teaches, his teaching style is crass and entertaining… which makes him an awesome coach.”
Elliot Hulse

“Chandler Marchman is a beast.  I love training at his facility any time I get a chance because he’s always experimenting with cutting edge strength techniques and putting on a clinic for the guys that want to increase their powerlifts.  His technique is near perfect and he has a gift for coaching and teaching others in an intense yet intelligent fashion.  If you allow him to I’m positive Chandler is the right man to help you get stronger than you ever thought possible.”
Mike Westerdal

“As a former college athlete, current competitive athlete, and strength coach, I’ve spent years working with and meeting some of the best coaches in the industry. If you’ve seen Chandler train and watched his videos, then you realize that he practices what he preaches so every program or exercise he does he knows works. This means that anyone who follows the programs he creates and uses the knowledge he gives will have their be taken to the next level! I can say without a doubt, that when it comes to increasing your strength and adding quality muscle Chandler Marchman is one of the best. Not only does his program design give clients and athletes the results they are seeking, but his ability to coach and break down every exercise that gets performed makes sure that everyone who follows one of his programs gets the best results possible.”
David Claiborne

“Chandler’s ability to apply his knowledge and coaching into his programs are the #1 reason’s for his clients continued success and dominance. Putting your trust into Chandler’s programs will bring you all the success you have been chasing and more! If you are tired of not achieving what you feel you should in the gym, you simply have to use his programs!”
Rick Daman